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Blackjack, also known as 21, is a favorite card game among casino enthusiasts. While largely perceived as a game of chance, there are strategies and tricks that can increase a player’s odds. If you’re in India and looking to master the game, this guide on easy tricks to win blackjack is tailored for you.


Before diving into the tricks, it’s essential to understand the basics of Blackjack. The primary goal is to have a hand value closest to 21 without going over, while simultaneously beating the dealer’s hand.

Basic Rules

  • The game starts with two cards dealt to each player.
  • Face cards (K, Q, J) are worth 10 points, Aces can be 1 or 11, and number cards are worth their face value.
  • Players can ‘Hit’ to take additional cards or ‘Stay’ to maintain their current hand.

Easy Tricks to Win Blackjack

1. Basic Strategy

  • Always hit when your hand total is 4-8.
  • Stand if your total is 12-16 and the dealer has 2-6.
  • Double down if you have a total of 10, unless the dealer has a 10 or Ace.

2. Card Counting

While complex, this strategy can be powerful. It’s about keeping track of high and low cards in the deck. It’s perfectly legal but frowned upon by casinos.

  • High cards (10s, face cards, and aces) favor the player. Increase your bet when the count is high.
  • Low cards favor the dealer. Decrease your bet when the count is low.

3. Avoid Insurance

When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, players are offered insurance. Most professional players advise against this, as the odds do not favor the player.

Tables & Charts

blackjack strategy

Hand Type Player Odds
Blackjack 4.8%
20 9.1%
19 13.5%

Managing Your Bankroll to win blackjack

An often overlooked, yet crucial, aspect of mastering easy tricks to win blackjack is effective bankroll management.

  • Set a budget: Determine an amount you’re willing to lose.
  • Stick to the plan: Don’t chase losses. Set win and loss limits.


Blackjack remains one of the most popular card games worldwide. While no strategy guarantees a win every time, employing these easy tricks to win blackjack can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of leaving the table with a profit. Remember, it’s all about making informed decisions and enjoying the game responsibly.

Note: Always play responsibly and understand that no strategy can guarantee consistent wins. The easy tricks to win blackjack shared here can improve your odds but can’t ensure victory every time.

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