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Introduction to Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino, situated in Goa, is one of the most luxurious and renowned offshore casinos in India. Known for its opulent ambiance, extensive gaming options, and world-class entertainment, Deltin Royale offers an unforgettable experience for both casual visitors and serious gamblers.

Overview of Deltin Royale

Deltin Royale spans multiple decks, offering a wide range of gaming options, dining experiences, and live entertainment. Its commitment to providing a premium gaming environment has made it a top destination for casino enthusiasts.

Location and Accessibility

Located on the Mandovi River, Deltin Royale is accessible via a short ferry ride from Panaji, Goa. The casino provides seamless transportation services to ensure guests reach the venue comfortably.

Highlights and Features
  • Luxurious interiors with themed décor
  • Extensive gaming floor with a variety of games
  • Multiple dining options and bars
  • Live entertainment and performances
  • Exclusive VIP gaming areas

Entry Packages and Pricing

Deltin Royale offers various entry packages to suit different preferences and budgets, ensuring every guest enjoys a tailored experience.

Regular Packages

Entry Fees and Inclusions

Regular entry packages typically include access to the gaming floors, a certain amount of playing chips, unlimited food and drinks at the buffet, and access to live entertainment shows.

  • Weekday Entry: INR 2,500 per person
  • Weekend Entry: INR 3,000 per person

Timings and Validity

Entry packages are valid for specific time slots, generally covering a full day or evening session. Guests can choose the time that best suits their schedule.

VIP Packages

VIP Entry Fees and Benefits

VIP packages provide an elevated experience with additional perks such as higher value playing chips, access to exclusive gaming areas, premium dining options, and priority service.

  • Weekday VIP Entry: INR 7,500 per person
  • Weekend VIP Entry: INR 10,000 per person

Exclusive Amenities

VIP guests enjoy private gaming rooms, dedicated butler service, and exclusive access to premium bars and lounges.

Special Packages

Festive and Seasonal Offers

During festive seasons and special events, Deltin Royale offers unique packages that include extra bonuses, complimentary services, and special entertainment programs.

Group Packages and Discounts

For groups and corporate bookings, the casino provides special packages and discounts, making it an ideal venue for parties and business events.

Gaming Options at Deltin Royale

Deltin Royale boasts a wide array of gaming options, catering to all types of players.

Slot Machines

Variety and Themes

The casino features a vast selection of slot machines with various themes, from classic fruit slots to modern video slots with immersive graphics and storylines.

Progressive Jackpots

Several slot machines offer progressive jackpots, providing the chance to win life-changing amounts with a single spin.

Table Games


Blackjack tables are popular among guests, offering different stakes to accommodate both beginners and high rollers.


Roulette enthusiasts can enjoy both American and European versions, with tables set up to provide a thrilling gaming experience.


Poker rooms host regular tournaments and cash games, featuring popular variants like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Electronic Gaming

Video Poker

Video poker machines blend the excitement of slots with the strategy of poker, offering various game styles and payout structures.

Electronic Roulette

Electronic roulette tables provide a modern twist on the classic game, offering faster gameplay and precise digital displays.

Dining and Entertainment

Deltin Royale ensures that guests have a diverse range of dining and entertainment options to complement their gaming experience.

On-Board Restaurants

Cuisine Options

The casino boasts multiple restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Asian, and Continental dishes, prepared by top chefs.

Dining Experience

Whether you prefer a casual meal or a fine dining experience, the on-board restaurants offer something for every palate, with impeccable service and elegant settings.

Bars and Lounges

Drink Menu

The bars and lounges at Deltin Royale offer an extensive selection of beverages, including fine wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails.

Atmosphere and Entertainment

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with live music, themed nights, and DJ performances, creating a vibrant nightlife experience on board.

Live Shows and Performances

Entertainment Schedule

Deltin Royale hosts a variety of live shows and performances, including music concerts, dance shows, and comedy acts, providing non-stop entertainment.

Types of Performances

Guests can enjoy a mix of local and international acts, featuring talented performers and artists who bring energy and excitement to the stage.

Accommodation and Amenities

For guests looking to extend their stay, Deltin Royale offers luxurious accommodation and additional amenities.

Hotel Options

Room Types and Rates

The casino’s hotel features a range of room types, from deluxe rooms to opulent suites, each equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Booking and Packages

Guests can book rooms directly or through special packages that include accommodation, dining credits, and gaming vouchers.

Additional Amenities

Spa and Wellness

The on-board spa offers a variety of treatments and therapies designed to relax and rejuvenate, including massages, facials, and more.

Fitness Center

Stay active during your stay with access to a fully equipped fitness center, complete with the latest exercise machines and free weights.

Planning Your Visit

To make the most of your visit to Deltin Royale, consider these tips and recommendations.

Best Time to Visit

Seasonal Considerations

Visiting during the off-peak season can provide a more relaxed experience, while peak seasons offer a more lively atmosphere with special events and promotions.

Weekday vs. Weekend

Weekdays generally offer a quieter environment, ideal for focused gaming, whereas weekends are busier with more entertainment options.

Travel Tips

Getting There

Deltin Royale is easily accessible from Panaji. Use the casino’s ferry service for a smooth and scenic trip to the venue.

Local Attractions

While in Goa, explore local attractions such as beaches, historical sites, and markets to enrich your overall travel experience.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Managing Expenses

Set a budget for gaming, dining, and other activities to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience without overspending.

Maximizing Value

Look for package deals, loyalty rewards, and special promotions to get the most out of your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry fees for Deltin Royale?

Entry fees vary depending on the package. Regular entry starts at INR 2,500 on weekdays and INR 3,000 on weekends, while VIP entry starts at INR 7,500 on weekdays and INR 10,000 on weekends.

What is included in the entry packages?

Entry packages typically include access to the gaming floors, playing chips, unlimited buffet access, and live entertainment shows.

Are there any VIP packages available?

Yes, VIP packages offer additional perks such as higher value playing chips, access to exclusive gaming areas, premium dining, and priority service.

What dining options are available on-board?

Deltin Royale offers multiple dining options, including restaurants serving Indian, Asian, and Continental cuisines, as well as bars and lounges with a variety of beverages.

Does Deltin Royale offer accommodation?

Yes, the casino has an on-board hotel with various room types and packages, including special offers that combine accommodation with gaming and dining credits.

Are there special promotions or discounts?

Deltin Royale frequently offers special promotions and discounts, especially during festive seasons and special events. Group packages and loyalty rewards are also available.


Deltin Royale Casino provides a luxurious and comprehensive gaming experience with a wide range of gaming options, excellent dining and entertainment, and comfortable accommodation. Whether you’re a casual visitor or a serious gamer, Deltin Royale ensures a memorable and enjoyable visit. Plan your trip, explore the packages, and immerse yourself in the opulence of one of Goa’s finest casinos.

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